BFG CD Free Reeling
Track list and music

Free Reeling was the first CD made by BFG.  Most of the music was recorded by the BFG ceilidh band members although most of the group are featured at some point on the CD.  The CD is still available direct from BFG.

On the right of this page are links to the music scores for all the tracks.  We ask that you limit printing to your own personal use and to respect the copyright that remains with the composers, where shown.  Thank you and enjoy.

Track list

1. High Road to Linton, the Merry Blacksmith, Spootiskerry
2. Seamus Cooley’s, Hole in the Hedge, The Roaring Barmaid, Winnie Hayes
3. Toss the Feathers, Pigeon on the Gate, Dick Gossip’s
4. Twinkle Little Star, Old MacDonald
5. Both Sides the Tweed
6. The Old Fiddler, The POG, Spring Waters
7. Howling Wind, The Weird Set
8. Aran Boat, Erin Shore
9. Wee Bit Cogie, Clean Pea Strae, The De’il Amang the Tailors
10. A Breath of Fresh Air, The Grouser, Da Mhor Swarm
11. The Battle of New Orleans, The Eighth of January, The Federals are coming, Arkansaw Traveller,
John Ryan’s Polka, Oh Susannah

12. An Paistin Fionn(1), Return From Fingal
13. Bulgarian Red, Leith Central, Farewell to Decorum
14. Midnight on the Water, The Rose of Avonmore
15. Donald Blue, Sleep Sound in the Morning, Willafjord
16. Calliope House, Muckin’ of Geordie’s Byre, Mount Collins, Ask My father, The Panda
17. The Silver Spear, The Congress Reel, The Humours of Tullah
18. As She Cam Ben, The Hare Amongst the Heather, Sandy McLeod of Garafad
19. An Paistin Fionn(2), The Tartar Frigate

CD Cover

Music from the CD Free Reeling in printable pdf format.  Please respect copyright and only prnt fr your own use.

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