Music Books

Over the years BFG has produced a number of music books.  There are currently two that cover most of what we play.

The Wee Music Book is primarlily for beginners and intermediate players.  All the tunes are presented in coloured notation to help people who are not familiar with reading music.

The Big Ceilidh Book provides over 340 tunes, many in sets, instructions for ceilidh dancing and an introduction the Fiddle Group.

Big Ceilidh
                                    Book Cover

Wee Music Book

The Wee Music Book (fully revised and extended 2015) has over 80 traditional and modern tunes for beginners and intermediate players. It provides tips and hints for learners, advice on looking after your fiddle and bow and has a short guide to reading music.  The tunes are all presented in colour coded notation to assist those who are not used to reading music.

Reading music is not essential. Many tunes can be learned by ear, simply by listening, remembering and repeating the notes. The benefit of reading music is that you can learn without someone having to play for you and you can go back to the book when you forget something.  Your aim should still be to play the tunes without having the music in front of you, it should be a learning tool that you also learn to do without.
To see more of the book use the links here for some extracts. They are in .pdf format.
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Tune index

                                    Ceilidh Book Cover

Big Ceilidh Book

The Big Ceilidh Book published in 2012 has 340 traditional and modern tunes for sessions, ceilidhs and performance, calling notes for 26 ceilidh dances, notes on traditional music and running a music group.  The book is availbale from BFG for £25 which includes postage.  A discount is available for purchases of 5 copies or more. 

Blackford Fiddle Group has 16 years experience of playing traditional music for events including many ceilidh dances.  This book draws on that experience and is an unique guide for others.  Very few other books have such a wide range of tunes together with good calling notes for dances. 

"The Blackford Fiddle Group played fantastic music for our ceilidh - everyone had a brilliant night"

"The Fiddle Group were stars - great lively music all night. We want you back again for our next event please!"

"Thanks for a great ceilidh.  The dance calling was really clear even for beginners."

Just a few of the many comments we have received.  In the Big Ceilidh Book we have tried to capture the music and dances along with notes on running ceilidhs so that others can do the same.

"The Big Ceilidh Book is wonderful, a complete guide to the music and dances you need for a really good ceilidh. Congratulations on such a fine book." 

"Fantastic book, well done."

"Please can we buy copies for our music group, it's great"

To see more of the book use the links here for some extracts. They are in .pdf format.
Music Page example
Dance example
Tune index

Errata and corrigenda

A list of errors and omissions is maintained here.
We are sorry that a few errors have found their way into the Big Ceilidh Book. Most are not important but here those that matter most.  If you find any others feel free to email See
Page 28 line 22. Word not is missing between but and played.
Page 31 The wrong tune name is used (page 95) It should be Waiting for the Federals.
Page 48. Ballymote. Start of Line 3. An E quaver is hidden behind the repeat symbol.
Page 63. An Phis, last bar line 4. Missing D in the run DGF#EDCAGED
Page 79. The second part of Miss Shepherd is not usually repeated.
Page 119. Hills, first bar line 2.  The dotted note should be the first not third note.
Page 125.  Schottische is miss spelt in the title
Page 140.  Juniper Hill. Line 4 last note in first bar should be C# not D
Page 140.  Midnight on the Water.  Line 3.  Second G chord should be D
Page 142. Spancil.  Key signature should have C#. (Most copies are corrected.)
Page 143.  Starry. Last line 4th bar. Chord is A not G
Page 162.  Ffaniglen. Last line, third bar. Missing chord (A7) on last beat.
Page 189. There is no tune Ward Hill. This should be Waiting for the Federals.