History and background to Blackford Fiddle Group

Formed as an informal group by Peter Cope in 1996, the Blackford Fiddle Group has continued to evolve as a thriving community music group.  It depends only on its members for resources and as it changes people emerge to help sustain it.  With an active membership at any one time of around 40 people, and an extended membership of perhaps 60 or 70 it is active and busy, meeting weekly for practice sessions.  Over the past few years it has played between 30 and 60 gigs each year, some where all members can play and others for the BFG Ceilidh Band.  It meets about 45 times a year - which not only shows the level of commitment by those who organise things but also the commitment of the adults and children who are its membership, who come to learn to play traditional music together for fun.  The links to the right are a collection of different things which explain more about BFG.

The aims and purposes of BFG

The aims of BFG are set out int he constitution. In summary it says the aims are;

a)   To promote the playing of traditional music on fiddles and other musical instruments in the local community.
b)   To promote inclusion by removing barriers to participation for all (especially those under 16) by loaning fiddles, providing opportunties to learn by er  and from music, to avoid any selection, to give a socail context for playing and to promote peer support. 

Another way of putting this is that BFG is here to encourage playing of traditional music on fiddles and other instruments. Members do this together, helping each other and they do it for fun and to entertain. The group meets weekly in Blackford and encourages anyone to join and it will lend them an instrument and provide support.  BFG plays gigs for others. To pay for this BFGraises money through donations and by charging for ceilidhs and other gigs.  Members are asked for a small weekly fee to help cover costs. 

This approach is built on beliefs that anyone should be able to participate in making music and that the informal approach is no barrier to achieving high standards, but that people should feel comfortable to play to what ever standard they choose.  Playing together, socoally and to entertain is as important as any other outcome.

A longer explanation of the purposes of BFG will be included here at some point.  If you are a player or group leader or wish to know more about the group, the way it is run and so on please don't hesitate to contact us.