Old News

Since 2005 BFG has maintained a news page on the web.  Entries are made every month, saying what we did and looking forward to events and gigs to come. For no  particular reason we have retained all these records.  You can browse the them in batches as follows. (At some stage the naming of monthly news changed. Originally the January news was about January but was posted to the web in February.  Then we changed so that January news was posted in January but contained details about December. If you really care you'll spot the join somewhere.)

Beware.  Archives files 2005- 7 are not by calendar years.  2005-09 pages have inactive links and images.  Use your back button to leave these pages.  2010 works fine.

Early newsletters etc

Shortly after the group was set up, and long before we thought of using the internet, there were a few paper newsletters, printed and handed out to members.  It is possible that none now exist, but on the members' page you can find copies of the text of all seven. The series of newsletters ran from 2006 to 2007.

Two further printed newsletters were produced in December 2007 and December 2009.  Copies as pdf files are also on the members' page.