Ceilidh Band

The Blackford Fiddle Group Ceilidh Band has played for a wide variety of events over the years. It started out just doing small community events locally but word soon got out that here was a group that could put on a good ceilidh for other occasions as well.  We believed them and built up a new repertoire and equipment list so that we were able to play more widely.  We still use the ceilidh band to introduce new players to the world of performance and to raise funds for the whole group and we now play for parties, weddings and fund-raising events.  A ceilidh can be mainly dancing or a mix of dance, tunes and songs, and of course we are often joined by other people doing "their turn".

BFG Ceilidh Band plays music for many ceilidh dances and we call the instructions (teach the dancers) for a variety of well known and lesser known dances.  We supply the whole sound system and the band will typically consist of fiddles, guitar, whistle/flute, bass and bodhran. 

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Our typical dance list is as follows.  These are dances which we can call.  We play for a range of other dances for people who already know the steps and just need the tunes.  There is a also a list of other dances which we can do by request.

Bridge of Athlone  /  Britannia Two Step  /  Canadian Barn Dance  /  Circassian Circle  /  Cumberland Reel  / Cumberland Square Eight  /  Dashing White Sergeant  /  Duke of Perth / Eightsome Reel  /  Flying Scotsman  /  Friendly Waltz  / Gay Gordons  /  Keilder Schottische  /  Military Two-step   /  Strip the Willow  /
Pat-a-cake (Pattycake) Polka  /  St Bernard’s Waltz  / Strip the Willow  /  Swedish Masquerade  /  The Riverside  /  Virginia Reel  / Waltz Country Dance  /  Welsh Waltz. 

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Ceilidh Band Music

BFG plays traditional music for dancing, with flavours from Scotland, Ireland, England, Canada and USA.  At events we try to play what people want and at a volume that does not prevent them from having conversations.  We have the equipment to crank things up further, but in our experience that isn't what people want at social events.

BFG members wanting to download tune and set lists for the ceilidh band should go to the members' page or hit the link below

Ceilidh tune lists