Help with playing

Playing traditional music requires a number of skills. Not only do you need to master your instrument but you need to understand the music and the various styles of playing.  What we offer here is some basic guidance.  Remember that the best way to learn to play well is to listen to good players and to copy them, to watch what they do and to try it yourself.  There are no short cuts, it all takes practice, but as far as we are concerned it makes no difference where you are on the learning curve, you are welcome to play.


How to learn tunes more easily

Learning tunes is a  daunting task at first, particularly when everyone else seems to know hundreds of them.  If you don't read music it may seem worse still. Never fear, we have ways to help


Looking after your fiddle (and other instruments.)

Your instrument is the most important thing you have as far as the music is concerned.  Unless you do something pretty daft like dropping it or sitting on it little is likely to go wrong.  With a little care and maintenance you should get on fine.  What we offer here is a short introduction to;
    caring for your fiddle
    looking after flutes and whistles
    changing strings
    where to go for professional help

Instrument care