Stirling Area Community Music Project

In 2009, Jo Miller of the Riverside Music Group in Stirling set up a pilot project to look at ways of helping community based groups to gain the skills to set up and run msuic groups where learning and teaching were more self-contained and external resources and skills could be additional rathyer than essential to progress.  The short project was successful in identifying some of the issues here.  You can read more on the link below.

community music project.


Music in the community

It is our experiecne that many people think that music is played by others, often those with tremendous talent, and that it is others that provide entertainment.  The age of TV and broadcasting has undoubtedly reinforced this view.  But of course everyone ability to play and entertain and much of what BFG is about is providing an opportunity for people of all ages and previous experience to gain a skill in playing music, either to entertain themselves or better, to entertai others.  That is perhaps BFG's main aim.

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Thinking of setting up  your own group and don't know where to start?

BFGproduced a music book in 2007. This contained an introduction to the group and how it operates.  This may be helpful to you or you may prefer to contact us to know more.  We don't pretent to have all the answers, we probably don't yet know all the questions. What we have is experiecne gained from trying and we are happy to pass that on.
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