Music Pages

BFG has a music scores and sound files for nearly 300 tunes.  Anyone is welcome to use the music page
Go here for the BFG music pages

BFG Music Books

BFG produces tune and instruction books for members. The Big Ceilidh Book includes over 300 tunes, help with running events and calling dances at ceilidhs and much more besides.  Copies are available direct from BFG.

Book-x.  You will need to be a member to see this - but actually it doesn't exist. 


CD and MP3 downloads

BFG produced a full CD in 2002 with 19 excellent tracks.  We have often thought about making a new one.  We started in 2007 and over the next few months managed to record a number of tracks ourselves using our own sound equipment.  These have been mixed and mastered by BFG and are available as MP3 downloads for private use.

CD and MP3

Live Music

One of the best ways to join in is a live music session.  These usually take place in pubs and at festivals.  BFG sometimes has open sessions as do other local music groups.  Look here for details.

Live music


Ceilidh Dancing

What we know we are happy to share.