Free Reeling

Our first CD, produced in 2002 has 19 tracks with many great tunes we still play.  Mainly recorded by the the then BFG Ceilidh Band and mixed and mastered professionally for us.  Here are a few sound samples.  The CD is still available for £10 plus postage. 
Track 2.  Seamus Cooley's    220kb
Track 3.  Toss the Feathers   215kb
Track 5.  Both Sides the Tweed.  199kb
Track 16. (Calliope House)  The Panda  118kb
Track 19. An Paistin Fionn - The Tartar Frigate   108kb

The music from this CD is available in pdf format here. You will also find the full track listing. (To follow)Read More

Touching Wood

In 2008 we produced a mini promotional CD. This time we did everything ourselves, including recording and mixing.  The tracks are all available here free as MP3 downloads.

The recording of these tracks involved most of the BFG members at the time, regardless of their current experience.  The result is a honest snapshot of the whole band, not just of the ceilidh band.
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Who are we listening to?

We will include links to some of our favourite artists here later.

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